Here is a link to a lot of good helpful information to ensure you keep your pet healthy and Safe:


common foods that are poisonous to your pet, that you may not know about,

hot weather tips, travel tips, separation anxiety,grooming tips and more !

check it out.

Animal Control Cold Lake

If you find an animal that looks lost or injured please call Animal Control right away!



For information on the local laws and regulations for the Cold Lake area, keep your dog safe and out of trouble by knowing what not to do! Ignorance is not an excuse, knowledge is power.


The Debate on puppy Vacinations

Many people are always asking when is it safe to socialize my puppy, do I have to wait until they have all their shots? There is a big debate on this topic, the true answer is information is knowledge,make an educated decision, after all this is your new baby we are talking about.

Here is a website they may have some answers.



If you know of another good website send it to me through the contact us tab and I will add it to the site.




Stacey Acres is located 10 minutes east of Bonnyville and 25 minutes west of Cold Lake, Alberta.

We are situated on 60 acres of farmland, and we have 20 4’ x 6’ private indoor kennels. Each kennel has its own private 20 ft. outdoor concrete run. The kennel has under-slab heating as well as overhead heaters to keep the animals toasty warm during the winter months. We have 6 large exercise yards that the dogs can run around and play in.


PHONE NUMBER: 780-826-6090

Cornerbrooks Kennels

Located in the quiet country across the road from Ethel Lake since 1999, Cornerbrooks Pet Bed and Breakfast has emerged as Cold Lake's premiere pet care facility. Cornerbrooks Pet B & B has a wonderful clientele that is well-served by an experienced and enthusiastic staff. We offer your loved one a warm, inviting and loving home away from home. Our accomodations are spacious, clean and constantly maintained. We welcome your pet to join our family for a wonderful time while you are away. You can genuinely think of us as the people who sincerely care about your best friend. We invite you and your pets to take a tour of our facility and learn more about our family operation and the ways we care for your pet and give them the one on one love and attention they need and deserve.


Address: 43022 township Road 643 Cold Lake AB T9M 1P3

Phone : 780-639-2290


Tarramara offers pet boarding and grooming services. Located only 5 minutes off the base, they provide a great selection of services for your dog(s) and even other family friends you may have. Recently entirely updated, they offer clean, adequate and friendly environment for your dog(s), daily or short to medium term. For all informations or inquiries,

contact Amber-Lee @ 780-812-1567 or 780-639-3342.

Some pamphlets will also be available at the McKenzie School local.


VET TALK Information

This was a very informative, and open forum disscussion event, that I found very interesting.

The topics discussed were on:

 Bandaging/First Aide: for those scrapes and cuts that always happen on a weekend how to react to them and treat them. We had a very patient collie volunteer that allowed for a demenstration.

Heat stress- sign and symptems and what to do if you notice these symptoms

Fleas/Tics/Mosquitoes/Porcupine quills- how to deal with them if you find them on your dog. Preventative medicines for these pests, which ones are safe if you also have a cat. NOTE: walmart, drug storre brands are not recomended as they get in the blood stream and usually cause negative effects.

Important note with Porcupine quills- Do NOT remove or shorten them get your dog to the vet for proper removal.


Swimming/"Limber Tail"/Ear Infections- I had no idea what "limber tail" was, basically its when they have overexerted their tail muscles like a pulled muscle  (usually if they have been swimming alot), and have to take it easy and not move around much for a couple of days to recover. Rest to recover!

Toxicities/Poisoning- many human foods and 99% of human meds are toxic to animals always check with your vet before giving your pet any medicine.

Poison Emergency Call 888-426-4435 there could be a $65 consultation fee that will be billed to your credit card. If you think that your pet may have ingested a poetentially poisoness substance $65 could save his/her life. Open 24hrs/365 days a year.

Alergic reactions outside/Benadryl

Cat bite abcesses- if you are ever bit by a cat seek medical attention ASAP, no matter what cat it is.

A very helpful website where you can find alot of this information on the above topics and much, much more is Veterinarypartner.com.

I will post the handouts we received, on the information board in the Clubhouse!

I hope to see more members out next year as this is an annual event!!

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